Young veterans of the British army refuse to live

Among young men, demobilized from the British armed forces, three times more potential suicides than among civilians. A study by British scientists on this subject was published March 3 in the journal PLoS Medicine.

Researchers from the Centre of suicide prevention at Manchester University interested in data about the military, retired from service in 1996-2005 year. During this period, the service graduated from 233 803 persons, 224 of them committed suicide. It turned out that the former military at the age of 24 years, especially the lower ranks and those who have served very long, run the risk of becoming suicide more than other young men. Unfortunately, the study does not answer the question of why it happened, but scientists have a few suggestions.

First, among those who voluntarily go to serve in the army at a young age, enough people with a tendency to suicide. Secondly, it can be difficult to return to civilian life. And, thirdly, the risk of suicide can be directly caused by experiences during the service. However, recognize one of the researchers Professor Kapoor (Professor Kapur), the third point is rather controversial, because such a condition was observed, and those who do not have time to send in the army to dismissal.

The study authors believe that we should pay more attention to mandatory before beginning service procedures, such as interviews, medical examination and training. In this case, will be more likely to time to identify people with potential problems and to help them.

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