Wheelchair: not vehicle – transport

The invention of Japanese engineers will greatly facilitate the life of disabled people using common wheelchairs. Cheap regular stroller with manual drive can be easily converted into motorized and go on a trip to the shops or to visit.

Existing wheelchairs, are equipped with electric, can afford not to all persons with disabilities. In addition, people are deprived of their ability to move on their own, don’t often leave their homes. But the apartment is easier to get around in regular wheelchairs with manual transmission.

The inventors of the Japanese company WHILL has created a clever device that easily turns any wheelchair, driven by strength of hands, in a motorized vehicle.

The invention is a kind of hinged motor in a few minutes “nozzle”, which is similar to a giant pair of headphones, can be mounted in the center of the wheels and go on a fairly long trip.

In each of the “headphone” there is a motor consuming a current voltage of 24 volts. Power is provided by a block of lithium-ion batteries, which after discharge can be easily charged from a household power socket.

One battery charge is enough for the wheelchair can drive the 30 km with a speed of 20 km/hour. The driver of the disabled person can set his “crew” at the desired speed.

After returning home, the owner of the stroller can easily remove the motor again and move around the apartment, leading her into the movement by force of arms.

Company WHILL has created a group of testers, which will include several dozen wheelchair users. During the “field test” a new device, its designers want to identify all possible deficiencies of their offspring, as well as to hear suggestions regarding the improvement of the motor.

Then will begin mass production of the new device, which, by the assurance of its creators, will be in high demand.

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