To get drunk from one glass of wine: unknown properties of HIV

Immunodeficiency virus, penetrating into the cells of the immune system, making the body vulnerable to various diseases. And recently, scientists have discovered that compared to healthy people, HIV-infected patients get drunk from much smaller doses of alcohol.

Unexpected and previously unknown consequence of the presence of the HIV virus in the body can be reduced tolerance to ethanol. Thus even a small dose of drinking in HIV-infected and may cause a severe intoxication with all the attendant medical and legal consequences.

At Yale (Yale University) interviewed more than 2,600 veterans of the US army, who were patients of the clinic Pittsburgh Healthcare System, including HIV-infected patients, and patients with negative HIV status.

A group of HIV-infected people in turn were divided into 2 subgroups: the first subgroup included patients who use drugs antiretroviral therapy has successfully reduced the viral load to undetectable levels and the second subgroup was patients with a defined viral load.

All participants were asked to answer a questionnaire to determine the amount of alcohol that caused them a little drunk, very drunk, and finally, heavy alcohol intoxication.

The analysis of the responses showed that patients with viral loads determined to receive light intoxication, it was necessary an average of 75% of the volume of alcoholic beverages that were required of healthy study participants, and HIV-positive with an undetectable viral load.

The phenomenon points to the need for self-restraint on the part of people, the HIV infection when the use of alcohol. It is known that these patients not only faster developing alcoholic liver disease, but an addiction to alcohol often leads to a careless attitude on their part to medication of antiretroviral therapy.

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