The veteran has received 1.25 million dollars of compensation for hepatitis C infection

Routine checkup turned into a big trouble for a veteran of the U.S. armed forces – negligence of hospital staff resulted in infection with hepatitis C From former major contracted and wife – and the judge decided that the hospital responsible for their employees.

70-year-old resident of Florida Robert Metzler (Metzler Robert) as a former military man different discipline throughout his life. After learning from his physician that it would not hurt to check the condition of the intestine through a procedure, a colonoscopy, a former major immediately went to the gastroenterologist the VA hospital in Miami (Miami Veterans Administration Medical Center).
The results of the colonoscopy showed that the cancer Robert no, but a few months later, when major passed the annual examination, a blood test showed that he was infected with hepatitis C. the disease Is intractable and may be asymptomatic, sharply increasing, however, the chances of getting liver cancer or cirrhosis.
The analyses of the previous year testified that earlier hepatitis Robert was not.

The situation worsened when it became known that she was infected and the wife of former military – hepatitis C virus is transmitted through sexual contact.
Robert Metzler came to the conclusion that the only source of infection could only be a colonoscope, which a few months earlier, the doctor examined his intestines.

Check the hospital on the complaint of the veteran showed that for many years the staff seriously violated the rules of disinfection of the colonoscope tip – instead of sterilizing them with steam and chemicals tips just washed with tap water.
A Miami court decided that Robert Metzler and his wife were victims of criminal negligence on the part of staff and now the administration of the hospital had to pay a couple of pensioners 1.25 million U.S. dollars as compensation for health damage and moral damage.

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