The rich man died trying to amputate his paralyzed legs with a hacksaw

Bloody horror thrillers of the Saga “Saw” pale in comparison to the reality: in London partially paralyzed disabled person wanted to amputate his leg immobilized with the metal hacksaw. As one would expect, the unfortunate died a horrible death.

A very wealthy Londoner tried to implement his mad plan and he bled to death. For the past ten years that have passed since the moment he became disabled, Barry Hepburn was sure that amputation of the paralyzed leg will significantly improve his condition and ease his life. But your painful plans he managed to securely hide even from his wife, a hypnotherapist who treats celebrities of show business.

More than 11 years ago, in 2000, the year Englishman Barry Hepburn (Barrie Hepburn) was a strong, healthy man 55 years of age, very wealthy – for two with my wife, who used British stars of stage and music with the help of hypnosis, they even had their own house for the summer holidays on the South coast of France.

On the shore of the azure sea in August 2000, the year with the affluent in all respects with the British and the accident happened. Someone poisoned the dog of Hepburn, which they took with them.

Enraged by the death of a beloved dog Barry blamed a neighbor and began to sort things out, then the neighbor fired three shots at him with a pistol. One of the bullets grazed the spine and lower body of a British man paralyzed.

It was a consequence, an action on the part who became disabled Englishman about the compensation for all damages and court which adopted the decision to satisfy all its material claims. Subsequently, in accordance with the decision of the court a rich neighbor paid Hepburn as compensation, a huge amount of money – they are a disabled person was able to buy another house and car “Jaguar”.

But the man constantly suffering, both physically and mentally. Barry persistently tormented by the haunting idea that if you cut off the heavy motionless legs, prevented him, his quality of life will improve dramatically.

Finally, he decided: one day when wife was away, he’s right in the kitchen staged a “operating”… as a tourniquet, the tourniquet, which, according to the plan of Barry, was to prevent bleeding, he used a folded large plastic bag.

He had almost completely cut off with a hacksaw right leg 10 cm below the knee, but painful shock and loss of blood proved fatal.

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