The experts presented the biggest database of substances that inhibit aging

Scientists from the Biogerontology research Association (BGRF) and the University of Liverpool have created a unique database tools that can increase life expectancy, writes The database has received the name DrugAge, it also includes information about 418 connections.

Our database has data about 27 different organisms, including fungi, worms, flies, mice. Search is available in the title compound, mind of a living organism and the effect produced on life expectancy. This is now the most extensive database of its kind. With its help, scientists have made important conclusions. For example, they realized that a large part of pathways associated with age-related changes, has not yet become the objects of pharmacologic effects. Moreover, male and female animals can affect different joints.

Still have to make many discoveries in the field of compounds that increase life expectancy. The base was formed on the basis of the interaction between compounds and genes associated with aging. It is in the public domain, and it can be used by anyone.

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