The American generals know the enemy nation in the face – threat is fateful

The ongoing U.S. campaign against obesity has received yesterday unexpected turn: nearly 200 senior officers, U.S. army, retired signed a petition to Congress with the requirement to drastically reduce the number of vending machines selling junk food in schools across the country.

An appeal to Congress signed by people who are familiar with the peculiarities of military service: most of the authors of the document had participated in the fighting in different “hot spots” of the world – from Iraq to Afghanistan.

Military officers indicate that the situation with obesity among American youth is more than alarming: 27% of boys (at least 9 million people) aged 17 to 24 years old are unfit for military service. (In USA there is no compulsory conscription and military service is a contract).

The document received more than eloquent title “Too fat to fight” (“Too Fat to Fight”).

The authors also indicate that for the period since 1995, the number of people wishing to serve in the US army who do not pass a medical examination because of obesity, increased by 70%.

“The presence of overweight or obesity is currently the main medical reason for the refusal to the candidate for admission to the military service”, – the document says.

Veterans of the Armed forces of the United States demand that Congress legislate to ban or at least severely limit the sale of high-calorie junk food in schools across the country. Special anger of former officers cause the vending machines for potato chips, French fries, sweet rolls and colas that are installed in the lobbies of almost all schools in the country.

Instead of developing unhealthy habits in children the authors of the petition want the schools already from the first class of potential defenders of the Motherland accustomed to a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

To do this, legislators must approve a new spending norms on meals for schoolchildren.

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