Secrets of longevity: 100 years old one of the first bodybuilders of the planet

The birthplace of modern bodybuilding is considered the US, but the followers of “bodybuilding”, emerged as a movement in the sport, immediately after the Second world war, were in other countries. In distant India celebrates the centenary of “the kid” Manohar, IC.

According to the jubilee, the secret of its longevity in addition to years of training in the gym lies in the fact that he never took to heart any, even the most difficult events in my life.

However, a considerable role in the fact that “little Hercules”, as even 80 years ago, to aïcha Manohar (Manohar Aich) neighbors and friends have lived to a ripe old age, played and a healthy diet, which throughout a long life adheres to the owner of the most prestigious bodybuilding title of “Mr. universe,” which, Eich won in 1952.

Indian, the growth of which does not exceed 150 cm, preference for dairy products, vegetables, fruits, fish and lentils. Of course, Manohar never smoked and never drank alcohol.

He now lives in the Indian city of Kolkata (Kolkata) – India for more than 60 years is an independent country, but youth Aïcha came in the years when his homeland was a colony of great Britain.

In his youth, Manohar participated in protests against the colonial policy of the United Kingdom and landed in jail. It was there that he became interested in “pumping” of the muscles.

“In prison I, of course, there was no equipment and shells for bodybuilding, and I used the exercises your own body weight. For many months I trained every day for 12 hours straight,” recalls legendary veteran.

The experience was not in vain: in 1947 India became independent, and in 1952, the 40-year-old Manohar has won the title of “Mr. universe” – ironically the tournament was held in London, the capital of recent metropolis.

“I only have one regret: I was not able to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger,” says the head of a numerous family.

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