Scientists promise to significantly slow down the aging process by using a new method

Staff Soskovskogo Institute figured out how to reprogram cells to stop aging. The research assistants were partly restored skin cells into an embryonic state. Mouse who underwent the procedure began to look younger. In addition, they lived 30% longer. If people will be able to do the same thing, the average life expectancy will increase to 108 years, reports The Daily Mail.

Scientists conducted a study on mice with progeria – a disease that causes the body to age very quickly. The researchers applied methods of reprogramming DNA. The experts noticed that after the procedure, the rodents began to look younger mice with progeria in the control group.

The heart and other organs in these animals have started to work better. Also, these mice lived 30% longer (as long as they did not develop cancer). The procedure of rejuvenating and helped the rodents, which do not suffer from progeria. She contributed to regeneration of the pancreas and muscle tissue. According to scientists, clinical trials involving humans could begin in 10 years.

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