Pensioner beat cancer just by changing your diet

The doctors said the 78-year-old Allan Taylor that his cancer is a tumor of the intestine – is not treatable. Last September had an operation, during which surgeons removed part of the intestine. Then followed a three-month course of chemotherapy. But in April, the doctors found cancer spread to small intestine.

According to the oncologists, if they removed one tumor, the cancer would appear elsewhere. And to chemotherapy is meaningless to resort. However, less than four months after meeting with the doctors the body of Taylor became completely cleansed of all traces of cancer. To beat cancer was a success, changing the diet, notes The Daily Mail.

The man has completely replaced red meat and dairy products ten servings of raw fruits and vegetables per day. The diet also includes pounded barley at the rate of one teaspoon, dissolved in hot water, curry, apricot seeds and selenium supplements. This diet is a pensioner found in the Network.

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