Not less than $ 300 million necessary to remedy the effects of dioxin on the Vietnamese

Vietnam, the effects of the chemical defoliant “Agent orange” by the U.S. armed forces on the territory of this South Asian country. It turned out that terrible combat herbicide contains the active substance is dioxin, which, as recent events in Vietnam that is able to provide teratogenic effect and in the third generation and now there are children with horrible deformities. These children have grandchildren of the partisans, of which 40-45 years ago, covered in the jungle “orange rain”.

Herbicides – for weed control – are different: from relatively safe, which you can use to get rid of weeds in the beds, to powerful defoliants drugs that in a matter of hours can destroy all vegetation in huge areas. Such substances have long been interested in military of major powers, and the scientists dutifully podsuetilis, has created a class of drugs called “military herbicides”.

The US army widely used the so-called “Agent orange” (Agent Orange) during the Vietnam war: according to the Ministry of defense, from 1961 to 1971 the Americans sprayed for 10% of the territory of South Vietnam at least 72 million liters of the defoliant, including 44 million liters, containing dioxin. Thus was achieved the two main goals – the elimination of sostvennosti in the jungle where the guerrillas are based, and the destruction of the Vietnamese agricultural crops.

But it turned out that the dioxin – the active ingredient of herbicide, causes severe disease in those who had contact with him, and leads to the birth of children with severe deformities. Currently in Vietnam there are about one million people, including victims in the third generation: the impact of dioxin were subjected by their parents and grandparents.

Joint us-Vietnam Committee on the elimination of the consequences of exposure to chemical weapons in Vietnam estimated the cost of work required $ 300 million – 30 million every year for 10 years. Of this amount, 100 million are required decontamination site and 200 for treatment of the victims of the infamous “Agent orange”.

In 1984 a group of Americans, veterans of the Vietnam war, made the payment of $ 180 million for the damage caused to their health by using “Agent orange” during the fighting.

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