Meet one-armed smartphone in the prosthesis

50-year-old resident of England alone have thought of before, which was not able to invent hundreds of engineers working in companies producing prosthetic limbs. British disabled greatly ease the life smontirovat in the prosthesis cell phone.

Born without a left hand Trevor Prideaux (Trevor Prideaux) living in the English town of Wedmore, in the County of Somersetshire (Wedmore, Somerset) since small years got used to the fact that he has to use a prosthetic.

Disabled children long ago learned how to cope in everyday life with all the tasks set before them life. However, the physical disadvantage is still prevented him to successfully use a mobile phone, especially as Trevor, a fan of computer technology has long been exclusively prefer smartphones, which are even more complicated than normal cell phones.

Then the disabled person has figured out how to make life easier for myself and millions of other people with one arm. He turned with his idea to the engineers of the company, which regularly gets himself prostheses, they decided to help Trevor, and within 5 weeks developed the project and brought it to life: they created a prosthetic hand, which can simultaneously serve for mobile phone the so-called dock – docking station.

This significantly facilitated the use of the smartphone, and Trevor now successfully uses iPhon’om, which had long dreamed of.

“Once, when I was still an old unimproved prosthesis, I decided to buy one of the first models iPhon’, but when I checked it in the store, I realized that in fact will not be able to use it with one hand. But now, thanks to my invention all the possibilities of mobile communications will be available to disabled servicemen who had lost his arm during the fighting and those who lost their hands due to illness or a car accident”, – is proud of his invention of Trevor Prideaux.

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