Medical gowns and gloves “best friends” of microbes

Medical gowns, gloves and special uniforms, surgeons designed to protect patients and staff from infection by dangerous bacteria. But improper donning and doffing of the garment can transform it into a source of infection.

For the doctor and nurses not enough to be in a hospital ward in the appropriate uniform – experiment showed that if a doctor or nurse break the rules of wearing the garment and taking off, their bodies remains a significant number of potentially dangerous microorganisms.

This even more applies to medical gloves, which now produce physicians not only surgery, but also patient examination.

Researchers from the medical centre at the military hospital for veterans of the U.S. armed forces in Cleveland (Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center) conducted a simple but very illustrative experiment.
They asked several dozen doctors and nurses of 4 hospitals of Ohio (Ohio) to put on and remove medical uniforms and gloves.

All were produced 435 such “manipulation” with gowns, surgical uniforms and gloves. After each taking off of robes, uniforms and gloves, the researchers examined the hands and exposed areas of the body participants in the experiment for the bacteria.

The study also exposed and the subjects own clothes that they wore under the medical Hal and the green uniforms of surgeons.

Scientists have discovered that pollution of the bodies of the study participants and their clothes microbes occurred in 46% of cases.

The experiment was repeated twice more some time later after the study participants were read a short lecture on what the rules should be followed when putting on and taking off medical clothes. The lecture was followed by practical sessions.

As a result, the bacterial contamination was reduced almost 3 times, and, as shown by checking, this effect was maintained 1 and 3 months after the lectures and practical classes.

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