Marathon runner-a veteran of sneakers hang on a nail at the age of 101

The Briton, whose name is listed in the Guinness Book of world records, has announced that the Hong Kong marathon which will be held in February, will be the last in its sports career start. But to run the 101-year-old athlete will not stop: it will just reduce the distance.

Name Fauja Singh (Fauja Singh) appeared in the Guinness Book of world records in 2011 after the presence of the representatives of the registry of the most unusual achievements, he completely ran the marathon in Toronto.

Amazing man easily overcame the distance of 42 km 195 m, and the first time he came out at the start of the marathon at the age of 89 years, which is also a record.

After nearly 13 years of participation in various marathons in the world held annually tens and which along with professional runners taking part and fans can test themselves, Fauja announced that on February 24 he will run the longest distance in recent times. This day will be one of the largest and most popular races – the Hong Kong marathon (Hong Kong Marathon).

Actually and after on February 24 the oldest marathon runner on the planet will not hang up running shoes on a nail: Fauja Singh will continue daily workouts, but will run in the rain and in the snow a shorter distance – 8-9 miles (13-14 km).

Citizen of the United Kingdom, born in India in 1911, Fauja Singh won last year’s honor to take part in the Olympic torch relay summer Olympics held in London.

The Olympic torch veteran marathon runner also wore in 2004 when the Games were held in Athens.

It is noteworthy that, despite the huge physical exertion that Fauja expose their bodies, he throughout his long life, is a staunch vegetarian.

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