“Madness of the brave…”: an armless and legless invalid plans to cross the English channel

Sometimes people are able to display incredible courage and fortitude. Frenchman Philippe Kruazon is a Prime example of the greatness of the spirit – no wonder he earned the nickname “man of iron”. Invalid, devoid of hands and legs, plans to swim the English channel in less than a day – not even every healthy and trained person the strength to overcome more than 30 km swim, but Kruazon confident in its success. The only reward he gets knowing he still did it, and a mention in the Guinness Book of records.

In 1994, Philip Kruazon (Philippe Croizon) was a sturdy young man of 26 years old. However, his life changed dramatically in an instant… One day he climbed on the roof to fix the TV antenna; somehow the cable touched a high-voltage line – electric discharge voltage of 20 000 volts pierced the body of Kruazon. He survived, but doctors had to amputate his hands and feet – Philippe became disabled.

However, he was not discouraged, and began to strive to their best to make your way of life malouchos from being healthy people. The key to success is the will power of Philip, for which he earned the nickname “Ironman” – the “man of iron”. Kruazon decided to prove to everyone and, first and foremost, yourself that the perseverance of the person in achieving the intended goal can work wonders. Two years ago he could work only twice to cross the pool in his own yard, but hard training for 30 hours a week added to his strength and endurance.

Now the brave Frenchman planning to swim the English channel, the Strait that separates France from England. The width of the Strait in the place where is going to make the feat Philip, about 35 km away. the Brave swimmer plans to make the historic swim, which, if successful, would guarantee him a spot in the Guinness Book of records, not more than a day, i.e. for 24 hours. Kruazon will use a special little “hand fins”, which at least in some measure compensate him the weakness of the stroke due to the lack of hands. During the swim it will be accompanied by a boat with a doctor aboard.

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