Legendary astronaut for the first time complained of health at the age of 93

The astronaut of the USA John Glenn became the third person convicted of orbital manned space flight since Yuri Gagarin and Herman Titov. Now the conqueror of space, the war veteran 93 years, but to go to the doctors he was recently.

It can be argued that John Glenn is one of the most famous of living Americans. During the Second world war he was a military pilot and made nearly 60 combat missions, he took part in the Korean war in the early 50-ies of XX century.

But worldwide fame Glenn brought the conquest of space. He was enlisted in the astronaut corps in 1959 at the age of 38 years and became one of the oldest candidates for flight outside of the Earth.

However, in 1962, John became the first American who has committed an orbital space flight, and in 1998 he set a personal record of 77-year-old Glenn flew into space on space Shuttle “discovery” and was in orbit for more than 9 days.

But in recent years the “iron” health began to fail astronaut.
The other day during a visit to the Ohio state University (Ohio State University), which opened the College in his name (John Glenn College of Public Affairs), he said at a press conference that over the past year his health has deteriorated markedly.

In 2014, he suffered a minor heart attack, he had surgery to replace one heart valve and the astronaut began to deteriorate vision.

Glenn said that because of the progression of macular retinal degeneration, he can no longer drive a car and read.

Newspapers and books Glenn now reads aloud to his wife, Annie (Annie Glenn), who recently turned 95 years old.

However, the doctors promised legendary astronaut that will be able to partially recover his eyesight through surgery, which will be held this year.

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