Language – new “steering wheel” wheelchair

Many people with disabilities compensate for lost mobility by using a wheelchair. But the stroller is useless if, for example, paralyzed and hands. The new device will allow the disabled to control the wheelchair using the tongue.

Modern wheelchairs have become a reliable assistant in daily life for people who have lost opportunities to move with your own feet. Now you do not need to rotate the wheel with your hands: powerful and small-sized motors provide movement of the stroller and turns.

However, many disabled people-disabled people in wheelchairs who have lost hand function, such strollers will not help to control their movement should the remote control, pressing the appropriate buttons with your fingers.

Scientists and engineers Institute of the U.S. state of Georgia (Georgia Institute of Technology) have created a fundamentally new remote control motors of the wheelchair using the tongue.
The owner of the wheelchair wears a special attachment on the teeth, which is absolutely not visible from the outside. The nozzle is equipped with sensors. In the language of disability is fixed as a tiny magnet during the operation of piercing, which the person sitting in a wheelchair can relate to those or other sensors, giving thus the appropriate commands. The signals from the sensors are transmitted wirelessly to a base attached to the stroller, which controls the motors.

“Base” is also used for charging at night, a tiny battery supplies power to the nozzle for the teeth, which should be removed before sleep.

The control system of the wheelchair, called Tongue Drive, was initially tested on healthy volunteers and then in his trial was attended by 11 disabled people who suffer severe spinal cord injuries who were very pleased with the new system.

The inventors believe that the Tongue Drive is already suitable for mass production.

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