Intense exercise slows aging at the cellular level

Scientists from Brigham young University analyzed data from 5823 adults. In the study, the volunteers measured the length of telomeres located at the ends of chromosomes, writes The length of telomeres depends on the duration of life. Considered: the longer, the longer I live the body. With age, the telomeres are shortened.

The study showed that participants with high levels of physical activity at the cellular level was 9 years younger than those who led a sedentary life, and volunteers with average levels of physical activity – for 7 years. For people leading a sedentary lifestyle, telomeres was very short. They had 140 base pairs less compared to more active people.

By the way, the staff of Georgetown University, argue that measurement of telomere length is not the best way to know how long you will live. Instead, experts suggest to estimate the age, ability to climb stairs and walk a short distance.

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