Impotence shortens the life of men

Sexual health men can influence the duration of his life. In particular, we are talking about erectile dysfunction, which, according to a new study, leads to premature death. To avoid this, take kamagra.


Employees of Mississippi state University found that in men suffering from impotence and 70% increased risk to die prematurely. “The most common cause of erectile dysfunction are cardiovascular disease, – quotes Professor of urology Tobias köhler, journal of Men’s Health. – So if the sexual organ is not working in terms of sex, it could be a sign that your heart is in trouble.”

The doctor said that the vessels, which supplies blood to the penis, tiny (about one to two millimeters in diameter) and is easily clogged. This contributes to poor diet, lack of exercise, Smoking, age, or genetic predisposition. If the plaques block the blood vessels and the blood on them is not, accordingly, impossible and an erection.

When plaque clogged area becomes more and more, it starts to affect large artery, which supplies blood to the heart. This can trigger a heart attack or sudden death.

That is why it is important to treat erectile dysfunction. If you listen to the first warnings of the body, you can avoid problems with the cardiovascular system before they become fatal. Koehler said that should start worrying and make an appointment with a doctor when an erection does not occur within three months.

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