How to start a reduced potency

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First thing the man develops a conditioned reflex to alcohol intake. That is, the use of a small dose just before sexual intercourse becomes the rule, the norm.

Further dose becomes small, and it increases. The potency inevitably deteriorates. It is understandable – after all, alcohol is a depressing effect on the nervous system and sexual function.

Less and less such a man there is a desire to have sex, reduced libido, inhibited desire. He finds himself comforting explanation, begins to persuade himself, writing off the reduced potency on the unattractiveness of the partner, stress, fatigue – anything to not accept the unpleasant truth: impotence has become a hindrance to his masculine force.

Ejaculation is faster

Together with the weakening of sexual function occurs the acceleration of ejaculation, and then a further deterioration of erection.

These processes are in fact primary, a mild form of impotence. The man continues to drink to relieve stress, to forget about problems in bed… until finally one not too nice a night erection does not come at all.

The first time a man will try not to draw to this problem attention. But again and again faced with the same lack of erection, he has to admit this obvious fact – impotence come.

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