Hidden heart attack – the silent killer of the elderly

Every sixth pensioner is faced with a heart attack, without even knowing it. These are the conclusions of American experts. Typically, these episodes occur in women, writes The Telegraph.

Moreover, if a person has already experienced one heart attack, the probability of a repeated attack and premature death increases significantly. The reason is that the attack damages heart tissue. In the end, the body is unable to operate normally.

Experts from the National institutes of health approached the MRI in order to identify the hidden signs of heart attacks in 936 volunteers 67-93 years. Overall, nearly 10% were aware of the fact that they have previously had a heart attack. But the scan revealed: in fact, seizures occurred in 17%.

Further for volunteers was placed under surveillance on average 6.4 years. This helped to estimate mortality rates. So, among those who knew about the attack died 33%. And among who did not know – 28%. The second group, though, rarely took medications to prevent an attack, like statins and drugs for high blood pressure.

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