Genetics is everything in the matter of aging, experts are convinced

Scientists have tried to understand the paradox that while among Hispanics, there is a high level of inflammation, chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity, they are relatively long-lived, writes The Seattle Times. According to scientists, to better estimate a person’s age not by year of birth.

At the University of California scientists have developed a system of assessing age, which reflects the level of activity of the epigenetic component is a set of signals that make the human genome to change throughout life in response to new challenges of the environment. This system will allow not only to understand the aging process, but also to create a possible new therapy. So, it is proposed to estimate the epigenetic activity in 353 regions of the human genome.

According to scientists, the rate of aging varies among people of different ethnic groups and among people in General. Also, epigenetics may explain why some organs and tissues are more susceptible to age-related ailments. Experts examined samples of blood, saliva, and lymphoblastoid cells collected from 5162. It turned out, for example, the Indians chimane from Bolivia often face bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. And they usually have a high level of inflammation, which is considered a marker of aging.

But despite all this, chimane rarely develop heart disease, diabetes of the 2nd type as you age. And obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol they have not fixed. The reason is that at the genetic level chimane age very slowly. For example, compared to Hispanics, chimane the age of the blood on the moon, and in comparison with the representatives of the European group for four years. Moreover, about 35 years immune system chimane was worn out and the inflammation was at the level of 90-year-old man. But closer to old age, the situation has changed.

Hispanics also have a genetic clock with a slower swing. And slow aging cannot be explained by lifestyle factors. The secret is in the relationship with the indigenous people of South America. Another unexpected discovery: once African Americans reached the age of 85 years, they had all the chances to live longer representatives of the Caucasoid group who reached the same age. That is, older African-Americans age slower than Caucasians. In General, women age slower than men. And aging is accelerated in people with poor education.

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