Euthanasia Belgian: with friends and with a glass of champagne

Less than a year ago 95-year-old Belgian Emil Pauls participated in competitions for veterans, last Sunday he invited friends to dinner, and on Monday in his bedroom the doctor come in with a syringe filled with a lethal dose of sleeping pills.

Over the past two decades, Paul Emile (Emiel Pauwels), a resident of the Belgian city of Brugge (Bruges) was znamenit not only at home but throughout Europe – the glory he brought to participation in competitions for seniors who continue to exercise, despite their age.

Emil Pauls took an active part in such competitions in the spring of last year, when he was 94 years, participating in races at 60 and 400 meters.

However, in autumn, the doctors discovered he had inoperable cancer of the stomach, and then Paul took the difficult decision…

Last weekend to him is still quite fresh and not exhausted from severe illness, come friends and many relatives, for whom an older athlete gave a champagne lunch.

Of those present only the son of Pauls Eddie knew that his father left to live for less than 24 hours.

Monday to Emil arrived the doctor who did the old man, the athlete, at his request, “a shot of mercy” – an injection of a lethal dose of sleeping pills, after which Emil Pauls fell asleep forever.

“I’m leaving this world with the idea that he lived a very rich life,” those were the last words of this courageous person.

The authorities of Bruges has already announced that they plan to assign one of the streets of the city the name of Emil Pauls.

Euthanasia is allowed in Belgium the law and at present, annually about 1 400 adult residents of the country have resorted to the help of doctors in order to get away from life.

Recently, the Parliament adopted in the first reading the amendment to this law which allows you to make a choice in favor of assistiveware suicide and terminally ill children older than 12 years.

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