Erection prolongs life male

Erection problems may indicate more serious problems in the body, and for older men, regular sex is also a way to increase life expectancy. So you need to use sildenafilo.

French cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Ronald Virage is the leading in the country a specialist in men’s sexual health and erectile dysfunction. By the way, Dr. Curve was the first professional in the world who started to use the injection to eliminate this problem. And now he told some interesting facts about the functioning of the male reproductive system and how to fix the problems.

Blood vessels in the male body age the same as the rest of the body, they become clogged with fatty deposits that disrupts the blood flow to the penis and leads to the development of erectile dysfunctions. After 40 reduced level of testosterone because the testes do not produce sufficient amount. However, regular sexual activity can help to combat erection problems and even prolong life, as shown by research. If men over 50 experience at least two orgasms a month, they live longer. And cope better with heart attacks.

The problem with erections may be a consequence of depression (antidepressants reduce sexual desire in the brain), or an early sign of multiple sclerosis, damage nerves. Also erectile dysfunction are the consequence of diabetes and clogged arteries (high cholesterol, Smoking, alcohol, hypertension, obesity – risk factors). So this problem should not be tolerated, and it is better to address it early.

In this case is very important sleep in the night time the body regenerates all of its cells and tissues, including genital. Night, a man suffering an erection, which is very useful for the penis. But sleep disorders are very bad for men’s health.

Men also don’t get nervous because of the “misfires” in bed – this creates insecurities that increase the stress level. And this, in turn, causes the release of adrenaline and blocks the erection. In the absence of sex the penis does not get enough oxygen, which also affects the erection. So nervous when sex is contraindicated!

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