Eighth decade – not a reason to throw the basketball

If we view old age looks like a decrepit old woman with a crutch, the example of American women Mavis Albin will destroy this stereotype to the core: growing old is an energetic woman with a basketball ball.

Mavis Albin (Mavis Albin) in his 76 is tightened, vigorous and result-oriented. “We play to win. And so we are, in fact, just an ordinary grandmother – we just do extraordinary things,” said the captain of the basketball team in the state of Louisiana Celadrin Tigerettes.

Their rivals surely agree. Mavis Albin in for 21 years takes part in the National games for seniors (National Senior Games). Every two years, about 300,000 athletes ages 50 and older compete in the qualifying competitions and tournaments. Among them is Mavis Albin with a team that plays together with her for 16 years. On account of the veterans – about 200 wins and only 5 losses.

On the question of why she chose basketball, Albin admits that in her rural school more than half a century ago, there was no other sports clubs for girls. Perhaps, if fate decreed otherwise, she would have the same excitement and success would play football or tennis.

“We don’t pay attention to the pain in the fingers, stretched ankle or bruised knee. When we’re at the Playground, we forget about our pain. We benthem our fingers, taproom muscles of the legs and bandage your knees, but continue to play basketball!” shares the secret of youth and the success of outstanding women on the show “Age of Champions”.

Do not dare to call Mavis Albin old. But maybe changing how you think about old age, we get more chances for active ageing without diseases?

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