Echoes of war: the veteran again saw his amputirovannyy hand in almost half a century

The Vietnam war lasted nearly a decade, starting in 1964, it led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans and millions of inhabitants of North and South Vietnam. But sometimes during the worst of the confrontation was a place for mercy.

In 1966, Sam Axelrad (Sam Axelrad), a young American surgeon in the military hospital in the war zone in Vietnam had surgery the seriously wounded soldier of the enemy army – soldier of the National liberation front of South Vietnam.

Nguyen Quan hung (Nguyen Quang Hung) was captured in an unconscious state, Sam Axelrad had to amputate the patient’s right hand, in tissues which already had developed gangrene.

One of the colleagues of the surgeon dissected a hand, removed the soft tissues and back bone Axelrod as a kind of souvenir.

When Sam Axelrad returned home, he took a grim souvenir with you as a reminder of the brutal war in the jungles of a distant country located in South-East Asia.

It’s been 45 years, and in 2011 Sam Axelrad again went to Vietnam, where he spent his youth spent at war.

Bone amputated arm, neatly wired shut, he had taken with him at old age, Sam wanted to find a former enemy who became his patient, or at least his relatives.

The current government of Vietnam helped him find – was that Nguyen Quan hang alive.

Doctor and patient, the former enemies met again and Sam returned to Nguyen’s hand.

In the cruel war killed 58,000 us soldiers and 3 million Vietnamese.

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