A wheelchair converted into a multifunctional device

For more than 100 years of wheelchairs, despite their continuous improvement, have kept the key features of its design. Engineers from Turkey have made a breakthrough in this area – their first pram helps the owner to get out of bed.

Modern wheelchairs are equipped with electric motors, rechargeable batteries of large capacity and a large number of electronics to successfully manage these complex technical devices.

With all this, the design of main components of such carriages remains constant as the frame, wheels and seat. The owner of the wheelchair sits in front of her, which is usually associated with considerable difficulties, however, nothing new in this direction so far has not been invented.

Specialists of the Turkish company AMS Mekatronic has managed to solve several complex technical problems, whereby they have created a stroller for the disabled, which its inventors gave the name of the Tek Robotic Mobilisation Device has become a multifunctional device that helps its owner to perform previously inaccessible steps.

In the baby stroller should be “enter” from the back – due to this innovation, a disabled person can get out of bed without the assistance of another person. This will greatly facilitate the daily life of those who have immobilized legs – use a new stroller allows, for example, easily use the toilet.

The disabled person can move with the new compact stroller in a vertical position, which significantly improves his review and gives the ability to perform previously unavailable, for example, to clean the apartment with a vacuum cleaner.

If desired, the invalid may make and sitting position – the design of the stroller allows it.

The power to the motors is produced from rechargeable batteries.

The invention of the Turkish designers has already passed clinical trials and it has shown increased interest in several companies involved in the production of articles such purpose.

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