A unique case: a blind man received his sight after kissing a photo of his wife

A blind pensioner from Daventry have regained sight, despite the predictions of doctors. To see helped him a photograph of his dead wife, which he kissed. 76-year-old George Hudspeth had problems with vision for ten years due to the development of dry macular degeneration. Notably, macular degeneration left without a vision of his father and sister. A year ago the pensioner was totally blind, writes The Daily Mail.

The wonderful fact so excited man until five in the morning he watched TV. Neither the doctors nor himself Hudspeth not able to explain such an unusual healing. Now the quality of view of a pensioner is equal to the norm. The representative of the macular disease Society says it’s impossible and probably Mr. Hudspeth just misdiagnosed.

Macular degeneration is a chronic degenerative process of the retina. It is one of the first places among the diseases that lead to blindness. The causes of this disease are not fully understood, but doctors believe that can contribute to the development of several factors: genetic predisposition, atherosclerosis, hypertension, Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, poor nutrition.

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