A diagnostic system killed the veteran

In cancer treatment methods involving the use of radioactive isotopes, control their distribution in the organism and the concentration in the tissues is carried out using a special apparatus. But for a retiree from the United States acquaintance with him was fatal.

In many ways, the success of modern cancer associated with the introduction into clinical practice of such a method of treatment of malignant tumors as treatment with radioactive isotopes.

A classic example of such treatment is therapy of some cancers thyroid drugs radioactive iodine. In recent years, this technique is quite effective when used to treat cancer of the liver, pancreas, and prostate.

Monitoring of results of introduction of the radioactive drug in the body is carried out using the so-called gamma camera, named for its ability to capture and measure the flux of gamma particles emanating from tissue of the patient, where the need to accumulate radioactive isotopes.

The tragic incident happened at the end of last week in the clinic, James J. Peters VA Medical Center in the Bronx (Bronx), new York area. This clinic is a specialized medical facility, as it serves only veterans of the U.S. armed forces.
During the examination, a 66-year-old patient, receiving treatment with radioisotopes in prostate cancer, unexpectedly fell details gamma cameras weighing over 2 tons.

The patient died instantly under the rubble of a monstrous weight.

The gamma camera was installed in the clinic relatively recently – in 2006. Installation is carried out by the specialists of the manufacturer General Electric.

Currently, the investigation of the circumstances of the tragedy with representatives of General Electric.

This is probably the first such case in the US, where gamma cameras are used for almost 50 years.

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