96-year-old Professor of medicine has saved the dying patient

Several decades ago, a doctor from the US forever inscribed his name in the history of medicine, through the creation of a method to save people choking on food. But he first had to use their own method into practice only recently.

The name of the American surgeon Henry Heimlich maneuver is well known to all doctors, medical school students and employees of the rescue services. More than 40 years ago, after several years of hard work and numerous experiments with animals, he created a unique method of salvation of man choking on food.

It is difficult to imagine a more absurd and terrible death than that caused by a piece of food lodged in the larynx, but the number of such deaths annually in the tens of thousands all over the world.

Heimlich, which in February this year, was 96 years old, in his youth, faced with such tragedies, as he worked a thoracic surgeon.

And then the doctor decided to find a way radical rescue choking on and choking people.

From 1972 to 1974, he conducted hundreds of experiments with immersed in anesthetized dogs, administered in the larynx and the airway catheter with the ball at the end and tried different ways to remove a foreign body.

The success accompanied the doctor: in 1974 he published a description of a simple technique known as the Heimlich maneuver or Poggiarello-abdominal push.

Thanks to him, saved thousands of human lives, but to Heimlich never had to apply his method on practice.

However, recently a 96-year-old doctor using his “invention” saved the life of 87-year-old woman choked in the eyes of the Heimlich maneuver a large piece of meat.

Despite his age, the doctor grabbed the old lady in the back, slightly lifted and compressed her to the castle three times with his hands pressed on her diaphragm from the bottom up.

“The meat came out of my mouth my friend, like a cork from a bottle of champagne, and at the same moment the colour in her face began to change from blue to pink,” – said the legendary Dr. in an interview.

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