61-year-old Michael appreciated the loss of his “manhood” 10 000 000 $

Inexperienced nurse at a clinic in the States for 19 hours regularly put the bubbles on ice for the penis of a patient who has recently undergone urological surgery. The result is frostbite, gangrene and partial amputation of the organ.

61-year-old American has filed a lawsuit against one of the military hospitals, which as a armed forces veteran received treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Michael Nash (Michael Nash), he served in the U.S. army in 1968-1969. Although nowhere explicitly States that he participated in combat operations in Vietnam, however, the ability to use the free services of the military medicine throughout life it implies.

Recently, Nash appealed to the veterans hospital in Lexington, Kentucky (in Lexington Kentucky) – a man complained of a significant deterioration in potency.

The doctors took the decision to save man from problems with erection to the end of life – to carry out the operation of the penile prosthesis implantation in the “manhood” Nash hydraulic prosthesis, which would allow the veteran, if necessary, to quickly get an erection using a small pump hidden in the scrotum. At the same time he did and circumcision.

The operation was successful, but then, according to Nash himself, the duty nurse for 19 hours was regularly applied to the surgery site plastic bags with ice (this is to reduce swelling and reduce the risk of postoperative bleeding).

As a result, the patient has been severe frostbite, began to develop gangrene and the doctors had to amputate part of his penis.
Now he demands from the US government for compensation (the hospital is in the jurisdiction of the Ministry of defense) in the amount of $ 10 million.

However, the hospital denies the error of the staff, and contends that the gangrene was a result of postoperative complications, the risk is there with any surgery.

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