3,000 Americans infected AIDS during the procedure of colonoscopy

Patients who underwent a colonoscopy at the veterans hospital in Miami, was warned that they could inadvertently infect the AIDS, hepatitis and other dangerous diseases. It turned out that the tools used during the procedure was poorly sterilized.

Veterans hospital (Veterans Affairs hospital) warned more than 3,000 patients who had a colonoscopy between may 2004 and March 12 of this year, that the procedure has not been performed in accordance with all hygienic standards, and they should be tested for AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases. “Although the risk is minimal, we believe that even the tiny possibility of infection simply unacceptable for veterans for whom we care,” – said the representative of the hospital Susan ward (Susan Ward). In the hospital explain that the probability of infection is negligible, because the instruments that are improperly sterilized, had no contact with patients.

The incident caused a wave of indignation. “Even the idea that veterans are put in a position, and now they have to be tested causes a gag reflex. Shocked by this information,” – said the representative of the Republican party Kendrick Meek. It requires that each veteran was personally notified of the error.

This is not the first case of the infection of patients in the US for the last time. Last month more than 6,000 patients in Tennessee learned that they were infected during the procedure of colonoscopy. And in Georgia a shocking news received 1,800 veterans who were treated in ENT infections from poorly disinfected instruments.

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