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The American generals know the enemy nation in the face – threat is fateful

The ongoing U.S. campaign against obesity has received yesterday unexpected turn: nearly 200 senior officers, U.S. army, retired signed a petition to Congress with the requirement to drastically reduce the number of vending machines selling junk food in schools across … Continue reading

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Echoes of war: the veteran again saw his amputirovannyy hand in almost half a century

The Vietnam war lasted nearly a decade, starting in 1964, it led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans and millions of inhabitants of North and South Vietnam. But sometimes during the worst of the confrontation was a … Continue reading

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Eighth decade – not a reason to throw the basketball

If we view old age looks like a decrepit old woman with a crutch, the example of American women Mavis Albin will destroy this stereotype to the core: growing old is an energetic woman with a basketball ball.

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Dry eye syndrome pay for life in the big city

The increase in the number of cases of dry eye syndrome may be associated not only with the widespread proliferation of computers, smartphones and other gadgets, which require eye strain. The polluted air of large cities is also a cause … Continue reading

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Euthanasia Belgian: with friends and with a glass of champagne

Less than a year ago 95-year-old Belgian Emil Pauls participated in competitions for veterans, last Sunday he invited friends to dinner, and on Monday in his bedroom the doctor come in with a syringe filled with a lethal dose of … Continue reading

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Echoes of war: even skin cancer in Vietnam abnormal

It has been over 40 years since the end of the Vietnam war, and the consequences of contact between the combatants with a dangerous herbicide effect so far. Dioxin from the defoliant “Agent orange”, changes the occurrence of skin cancer.

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The TV presenter announced his incurable disease live

A veteran of American television Larry Stogner more than 40 years working as a TV presenter channel news WTVD. Soon, however, he will have to leave your favorite job – on the days he reported live during a newscast that … Continue reading

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