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To get drunk from one glass of wine: unknown properties of HIV

Immunodeficiency virus, penetrating into the cells of the immune system, making the body vulnerable to various diseases. And recently, scientists have discovered that compared to healthy people, HIV-infected patients get drunk from much smaller doses of alcohol.

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Legendary astronaut for the first time complained of health at the age of 93

The astronaut of the USA John Glenn became the third person convicted of orbital manned space flight since Yuri Gagarin and Herman Titov. Now the conqueror of space, the war veteran 93 years, but to go to the doctors he … Continue reading

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The US pilots, sprayed in Vietnam military herbicide, threatening dangerous mutations

The Vietnam war ended over 42 years ago, but scientists continue to discover new long term effects of that war for the health of its participants. Researchers from the US found that contact with the herbicide Agent orange may cause … Continue reading

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Medical gowns and gloves “best friends” of microbes

Medical gowns, gloves and special uniforms, surgeons designed to protect patients and staff from infection by dangerous bacteria. But improper donning and doffing of the garment can transform it into a source of infection.

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96-year-old Professor of medicine has saved the dying patient

Several decades ago, a doctor from the US forever inscribed his name in the history of medicine, through the creation of a method to save people choking on food. But he first had to use their own method into practice … Continue reading

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Genetics is everything in the matter of aging, experts are convinced

Scientists have tried to understand the paradox that while among Hispanics, there is a high level of inflammation, chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity, they are relatively long-lived, writes The Seattle Times. According to scientists, to better estimate a person’s … Continue reading

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Studies have shown that men over 50 are more satisfied with their sex lives than their thirty comrades, thanks levitra. The results showed a very strong correlation between age and decrease in male health, but not between age and … Continue reading

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Scientists promise to significantly slow down the aging process by using a new method

Staff Soskovskogo Institute figured out how to reprogram cells to stop aging. The research assistants were partly restored skin cells into an embryonic state. Mouse who underwent the procedure began to look younger. In addition, they lived 30% longer. If … Continue reading

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