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New technology has returned to movement after paralysis

In the United States tested a new technology of recovery after a stroke functional electrical stimulation, and interface “brain-computer”, according to medical journal The Lancet. Through the use of this technology have a completely paralyzed patient was able to partially … Continue reading

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A unique case: a blind man received his sight after kissing a photo of his wife

A blind pensioner from Daventry have regained sight, despite the predictions of doctors. To see helped him a photograph of his dead wife, which he kissed. 76-year-old George Hudspeth had problems with vision for ten years due to the development … Continue reading

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American student “will increase the” bionic leg

20-year-old student at northwestern University, Chicago Hayley Danowitz lost part of the leg, including the knee and ankle, in 2005, a result of bone cancer. But now, thanks to modern technology, she can get a bionic leg – a robotic … Continue reading

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How to start a reduced potency

First thing the man develops a conditioned reflex to alcohol intake. That is, the use of a small dose just before sexual intercourse becomes the rule, the norm. Further dose becomes small, and it increases. The potency inevitably deteriorates. It … Continue reading

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Disability: with respect to the problem

Disability: relationship to problemable 1 billion people, about 15% of the world’s population, have some form of disability. Moreover, the rates of disability are increasing worldwide, however, remains unresolved a whole complex of social, economic, psychological-pedagogical and medical problems.

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Hidden heart attack – the silent killer of the elderly

Every sixth pensioner is faced with a heart attack, without even knowing it. These are the conclusions of American experts. Typically, these episodes occur in women, writes The Telegraph.

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Pensioner beat cancer just by changing your diet

The doctors said the 78-year-old Allan Taylor that his cancer is a tumor of the intestine – is not treatable. Last September had an operation, during which surgeons removed part of the intestine. Then followed a three-month course of chemotherapy. … Continue reading

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A pensioner is suing Pfizer, claiming that Viagra almost deprived him of sight

86-year-old American Anthony Andreski says: after taking the Viagra he was seriously injured vision, reports DNA India. The man appealed to the Federal court in Manhattan, calling to stop the sale from erectile dysfunction.

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In the United States died the oldest soldier of the Second world war

Frank Livingstone died in a nursing home in Shreveport located in the American state of Louisiana. A veteran of the Second world war in November was 110 years old.

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61-year-old Michael appreciated the loss of his “manhood” 10 000 000 $

Inexperienced nurse at a clinic in the States for 19 hours regularly put the bubbles on ice for the penis of a patient who has recently undergone urological surgery. The result is frostbite, gangrene and partial amputation of the organ.

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A diagnostic system killed the veteran

In cancer treatment methods involving the use of radioactive isotopes, control their distribution in the organism and the concentration in the tissues is carried out using a special apparatus. But for a retiree from the United States acquaintance with him … Continue reading

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