Angeles City In The Philippines

angeles city pampanga philippines - meet beautiful FilipinasAngeles city can be found within the province of Pampanga. It is rich with heritage and history and is a popular destination for expats from many countries including The USA, Australia and the EU.

There is a thriving Veterans community in the city, and the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) building is a popular meeting spot for Vets form many different countries.

If you are a retired Vet Angeles City is the perfect city to choose for your retirement.


Some of the historical sites that you can visit in Angeles City is Fort Stotsenburg, Post Office Building, and Museo ning Angeles which means Museum of Angeles. Fort Stotsenburg was the place where the American forces were quartered. It also served as a venue for important celebrations by the Americans until 1991. The Post Office Building was constructed in 1899.

It was built for depositing carriages and religious statues of the Catholic Church. It was also used for other things as time went by. As of today, it is the site of the Angeles Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Center. The Mueseo ning Angeles is old and the building itself is a muesium piece. It has become the venue for the city’s cultural activities.


As for what the local celebrations and festivals in that area, there are a variety of celebrations to go to. There is the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. This festival is considered the biggest aviation sports event in the Philippines. You will be impressed with the more than one hundred balloon pilots there.

Another fiesta that you can go to is the La Naval Fiesta. This fiesta is in commemoration of the Virgin of the Holy Rosary. There are religious programs and homes that display the traditions in hospitality in entertaining guests.


Angels is one of the fastes growing cities in all the Philippines. As of this writing there are hundreds of new real estate development projects in and around the city. While this speculation does tend to raise property values, it will also create a huge supply of apartments and high end Condos to choose from.

Some of the new developments include The Candy Suites 2 and The Ambasador Suites – a Luxury Condominium development right behind the popular Fields Avenue.

Angeles is also famous (or infamous) for it’s thriving bar scene.  On fields avenue you can find hundreds of bars filled with thousands of beautiful young Filipinas.

Many foreign men have fallen for these beautiful bar girls.  If you are in the market for a relationship with a Filipina you would be better off sticking to a girl you meet at a cafe or restaurant, or on a legit Filipina dating website.


For eating out, there are plenty of good places to choose from. The food is supposed to be an experience of a lifetime. One dish that you might want to try is Sisig. This dish is what the city is famous for making. Those who like to drink beer can be found ordering Sisig also. Another food that you should think about trying is Dencio’s kare-kare. It is a stew made from peanut sauce with vegetables, beef and sometimes tripe, stewed oxtail, tilapia in tausi sauce, and more.

If you don’t like the local cuisine you can choose from American, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, and Mexican food places. There are also places that sell hot drinks, cold drinks, and snacks. So, there should be something that you will eat.

So if you are thinking about going to Angeles City, Philippines, you should do your research and find everything you can about the city and its surroundings.